Frequently Answered Questions

How long are your leases?
The shortest term is 24 months and the longest 84 months. Most leases are written for between 36 and 60 months.

How much money do I have to put down?
Most of our leases finance 100% of the equipment cost including sales tax and delivery.

What kind of equipment do you lease?
We can lease almost any kind of personal property that has a business purpose, including software.

Who selects the equipment and vendor?
You do.

Can you do multiple kinds of equipment on one lease?
Yes. We can consolidate various kinds of equipment from multiple vendors on a single lease. This ability is particularly useful in relocation situations to sweep up furniture, office equipment and telecom systems in one lease.

Can the lease be in my name?
Yes, if your name is followed by a DBA and your DBA is registered with the local municipal, state and Federal authorities. We only lease to businesses.

What time in business ("TIB") do I need to qualify for a conventional lease?
The industry standard is 3 years, but that can increase or decrease depending on the amount requested (smaller request = less TIB) and equipment collateral value (higher value = less TIB).

As a start-up, can I qualify for a lease?
Yes, we have 3 programs under which you can qualify:

  1. Lease Purchase
  2. Venture Lease
  3. Federal Lease

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